With a delicate and elegant taste, Garda D.O.P. extra virgin organic olive oil “Colline di Monte Oliveto” presents a mid-light fruity aroma of fresh grass, aromatic herbs, hay and artichoke. It has vegetable and savoury notes with delicate taste, with a sweet almond blend. Rich in vitamin E, oleic aicid biophenolic components FERRI olive oil is recommended as a healthy dressing for all dishes.

Nearby Garda Lake, on the right side of Mincio river, on the Morainic Hills of Mantua, which reminds the French Provence, you can find the Ferdinando FERRI’s olive trees.

Ferdinando FERRI, inspired by these works, and in particular by “Dialoghi agrari tenuti in Cavriana l’anno 1786” decided to plant 800 olive trees, 80% of which are the local trees “CASALIVA”.

His goal was to create an excellent oil, respecting Morainic Hills ecosystem and biodiversity. FERRI is committed to organic agriculture and does not use any synthetic pesticide.

The origin of olive trees cultivation on the Morainic Hills of Mantua can be traced back in history to the Roman age. Numerous literary works bear witness of the widespread presence of olive trees in this area till the end of XVIII century.